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No, actually um.. no he hasn’t, I.. I’m trying to think, I’m desperately wracking my brain to see if there’s a time when I’ve been annoyed at George when reading the books. No I’ve genuinely.. I tell you what, I’ll tell you when I was annoyed when reading the books- no it wasn’t reading the books, I used to work in a book shop it was my first job. And I worked down in the basement of a book shop called Waterstones in the UK. And every fucking d- sorry there’s no children [laughter] we just watched Game of Thrones.. [more laughter] Every fucking day I had to lug George’s books down to the basement. Do you know how much those things weigh? So yeah that’s when I was most annoyed with George Martin, when I [?????] and it was my first job.
Kit Harington in response to the question: Has George ever made you very angry (when reading the books)?
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