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An infograph of character screen time on Game of Thrones.

'It looks like Kit Harington might have gotten away with getting a trim recently, though.'

Oh, really?

'Yeah, for a film. The internet kind of exploded about that: “Oh, no, Jon Snow’s hair is gone!”'

Yeah, he looks like a baby in those photos! [Laughs.] But no, that’s a wig.

'Oh, okay. Because you know how he is about his hair.'

Everyone he meets knows how he is about his hair! [Laughs.] I mean, Kit is, like, obsessed with his hair. He’s always talking about it. Like before premieres and stuff, you’ll see him in the mirror curling his hair, putting ringlets in his hair. He’s going to kill me for saying this. [Laughs.] He’s very protective about his hair. Understandably! It should be insured, I swear.

Sophie Turner on Another Me, Kit Harington’s Hair, and Why Sansa Is Like Gollum
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