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To everyone who has unfollowed me re: Ferguson Posts

Or anything I’ve posted related to racism and how black people are treated; how black WOMEN are treated; how black men are treated, in this country. You can stay gone, because if you don’t want to see it/hear about it then I don’t want you following me. Yes it’s upsetting, but it’s all the way real and if you can’t deal with what happens to people of color on a regular basis in this country then get the fuck off my blog.

I’m still the same fun loving, random posting person I was before this happened, but people need to know what’s happening right now. This is occurring two states over from me. Who’s to say my city won’t be next? Overseas people are getting their heads blown off, children blown in half, who’s to say we’re not next? You don’t want to hear about then log off and go plant fucking petunias for all I care. I’m tired of this shit.

You should know by now I do not hate anyone of any race but excuse me I AM a black women, and I’m certainly not blind. I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. Those of you who have privilege, and want to live in happy land, good for you. I’d like to live in happy land too, but again, I’m not blind to what’s going on. I can’t be.

What’s going on hurts my soul and you’re damn right I’m posting about it because I want people to know. I’m not going to apologize if my post isn’t about a kitten falling off the kitchen counter or some hot guy with his shirt off. Deal with it or be gone. This is my blog, I don’t blog for you I blog for me.

Today I honestly felt like disappearing. I really did. I really wished I could just take my daughter and peace out and not have to deal with anymore of the bullshit on this planet, and especially the racism and shooting innocent children for no good reason. Of course I give a damn about that, of course I do because it could have been me or my child or one of my loved ones.

If you’re loved ones and friends and anyone else you gave a damn about was getting shot for no reason, or you were going to a funeral every week you would care too. So no I’m not going to fucking apologize for all the race awareness posts and the Ferguson posts and anything else that shows you just how ugly this world can be. So thanks to those who unfollowed me. Have a nice life, and at least you still have a life.

Listen, you angry, bitter old troll cunt, we were all new once and I seriously doubt that you know so much more than everyone else that you feel the need to talk down to the younger girls in such a condescending manner. Your dusty ass ain’t that damn smart, you certainly don’t have me fooled.

The way you talk about other women makes me seriously think you hate yourself, along with women in general. I don’t know who hurt you but you need a hug and maybe a foot in your cantankerous flabby bunghole.

Re: A personal convo I just had…

I think that was one of my big turning points. Seeing a man I once absolutely adored, saying something disrespectful about black women, black people, and women in general. I think that’s when I realized I couldn’t just stand by and let shit like that slide. Because if you make little snide comments about “nigger passes” and rude comments about not being open to black women… wtf do I look like being your fan???

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I don’t understand how a black man could say he “hates” black women or “nobody wants black women.” Really? Where the fuck have you been, man… and who hurt you? Seek therapy, you came from black women… just seek counseling, okay?
Me. A black woman who supports other black women because black women are effing gorgeous and beautiful and amazing, and I’m tired of people taking shots at us, and US taking shots at ourselves because that makes no fucking sense.
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