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If the only ammunition you have against me is bringing up my past, then I feel sorry for you. You can’t shame someone with their former life, unless they’re actually ashamed of it, and even if they do have things in their life they aren’t proud of, it’s rather cowardly to do so, not to mention hypocritical. When so many of us have our own mistakes to deal with, and not to mention the all too cliche notion that you wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you.

Oh here, lemme bring up something that nobody knows about you. Okay, well come on then. Bring up scandalous shit about me that no one knows so that you and your pathetic non life having minions will have something to talk about. Go ahead, I’ll be busy living my life.

I mean because honestly being a scandalous whore isn’t something I’m ashamed of. And honestly we want to call people whores, but we forget about the examples we set for young women. For our daughters and sisters and nieces, then wanna turn around and call somebody a whore.

We’re all whores.

Have fun.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with me today, because I had to get up at 7 this morning, I’m functioning on broken sleep thanks to running here and there today, and I am in bitch on steroids mode.

Don’t fuck with a woman who hasn’t had her precious 20 hours beauty rest.

Everyone is going to die.

"Because they write stupid shit."

Let the church say amen. I swear to god if yall don’t stop writing dumb ass statuses on her and every other social network cuz you don’t have shit else to do I’m just gonna slap the almighty out of you. Stop it. I don’t care if you’re filing your big toenail or douching. Just stop. Thank you for that video for reminding me of all of this.

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