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Trapped and Happy Meal by Kelly Gilleran

In “Trapped”, Kelly explores the concept of the Rube Golbergian Hand of God slowly manipulating minor events to ultimately enslave you, as depicted through the classic childhood board game Mousetrap, the unfortunate victims trapped in poses from classic religious art. And in “Happy Meal”, a friend of the artist dressed as Ronald McDonald force feeds fast food down the throat of an obese version of himself. Prints and other goodies available for purchase at Society6.

Artist: DeviantArt


Dreamtography by Kylie Woon

The unconscious mind can produce some pretty coma-altered images, but Kylie seems to have a direct line into the collective dreamstate. Mirroring the surrealism of sleepy-time fantasies, Kylie’s photography is produced with a little bit of impressive camerawork, a dash of photomanipulation, and a pinch of otherworldly wonder.

Artist: DeviantArt / Facebook / Flickr

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