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I am dying to know if they got in any trouble for this. you can clearly see they didnt fall on accident. all this places. well publix actually or atleast it looks like publix have cameras. they must of seen how  they were faking it. did they get in trouble? I MUST KNOW! 

I would have given Rihanna every single dollar I have if she had made this the official music video.

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I remember watching this and listening to the way she speaks and even her voice, thinking she’s not a child. She’s grown, that mind of hers is one that you probably can’t even get with some elders here. This is exactly why I want to be a guidance counselor in falasteen. The children there aren’t children. It’s sad cos everyone deserves a childhood but they grow up to be some of the strongest people.

Does anybody have the link to this video??

Ah, this is old. (x)

She speaks like an adult. God willing, she’s still alive today.

this little girl is grown lol

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