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You’ll Love Her! She’s Crazy!



Most educated people can name half a dozen poets who are more famous for their messy lives and deaths than for their poems… The narratives endure because they align with the popular understanding of what it is to be an artist.”

Sarah Manguso writes about Sylvia Plath, who died fifty years ago today, and looks at the changing way we talk about mental illness:

Photograph: Contrasto/Redux.


House Made Entirely Out of Books

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller website

First photo credit: Andy Keate

This is a house made entirely of antique books, mostly English literature published in the United Kingdom. Spines out, pages in, the work is a library turned in on itself, a space of infinite possibility where nothing may be read yet everything imagined.

The work has no windows and in the absence of external stimulation, we must imagine the worlds of the books, and hear the voice in our head that talks to us when we read. Books, the stories they tell about the opportunity they offer for escape into other worlds, are a key inspiration for Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

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