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John Mayer Is My Xanax: Been killin' time since Johnny's been gone...


Since John’s been on the “down low”, “John Mayer Is My Xanax” has pretty much screeched to a grinding halt. I haven’t been posting / reblogging as much because there’s nothing new going on. I still have reservations about his album dropping next month. There’s certain things that should be in effect which aren’t that leads me to believe that window can extend as far as March 2012 but I got my “Scooby-Doo” on and trying to get an estimate on what month it should be dropping.If I come across anything concrete, I definitely post it.

In the meantime, I’ve launched a new blog, “Boycott MTV”. It’s not a rant blog (that’s what Hollywood, Sex and Candy is for :) “Boycott MTV” is a blog with every good song I’ve ever heard pulled from my memory. Nothing but straight music videos. I guarantee you, there is at least one song that you’ve forgotten about that will bring back a memory or two…and will make you turn up your speakers :) Besides, Britney Spears is following that blog, so the music can’t suck that much, right? :)


Thank the heavens for your existence. :)

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