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Scream, cry, get angry, throw things, stomp, throw a tantrum, but don’t you ever apologize for your feelings. And if someone hurt you then tell them they hurt you and then tell them to go fuck themselves. You are important. You matter. You have a fucking right to be angry, so be angry, until you’re not angry anymore. Let it out.


Not only do I think men are at least as emotional as women, I think that these stereotypically male emotions are more damaging to rational dialogue than are stereotypically female emotions. A hurt, crying person can still listen, think, and speak. A shouting, angry person? That person is crapping all over meaningful discourse.
Jen Dziura from Bullish Life: When Men Get Too Emotional To Have A Rational Argument (via autostraddle)
Be passionate, be angry. Yell, cry, scream, curse, throw things. Throw a tantrum. When did throwing tantrums become childish? Grown folks have them, too. Get it out. Regret nothing, and regret none of these emotions, but also learn to let it go or it will poison you. But understand that it’s okay to feel these things. It’s okay to get mad, and if someone tells you getting angry is unhealthy, or looks at you funny for having a moment of weakness and throwing a tantrum, put your entire foot in their ass and tell them to go fuck themselves. And then move on, let go, and love… most importantly love yourself.

We’re going to separate the grown assed women from the little girls right now.

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