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Fracking may have caused an earthquake in Ohio.



Hey, to make an omelet, you’ve got to shoot highly pressurized water and sand into the Earth’s fragile and unpredictable crust with very little government oversight.

Not fracking, actually. Wastewater disposal as a result of fracking. I’m not a staunch defender of fracking, don’t worry, but when you want to address the safety of a process, you have to first make sure you are looking at the right process. Fracking is fracking. Wastewater disposal is wastewater disposal.

There’s lots of other ways that companies dispose of water from fracking operations (the wastewater is a result of the high-pressure fracturing process, and these wells are separate from the gas collection), including evaporation pools, tanks, and waste wells like these. Each have their own set of risks, but the earthquake was not caused by fracking. It was caused by wastewater disposal.

Besides, if you want to really question fracking, you should read last week’s scathing call-out of the claim that we are sitting on 100 years of natural gas, and how it might be full of hot methane.

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