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An infograph of character screen time on Game of Thrones.


Well the finale wasn’t a complete disaster, but I am really fecking annoyed about Jojen and LS. And hey I got to see Stannis, and his scene was longer than I thought it would be. *shrug*

Tyrion and Tywin were a given, that’s all dandy, I read the books so I knew what was coming. Honestly I’m kind of geeked about the children and the old guy in the tree…. but not pleased about Jojen.

That, along with the deaths of Grenn and Pyp, were totally unnecessary.

Am I the only person who didn’t really give a shit about Daenerys having to lock away her damn dragons? 

I guess we have to wait til next year to see what new fuckery and shenanigans D&D come up with next! *sigh*

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