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Trapped and Happy Meal by Kelly Gilleran

In “Trapped”, Kelly explores the concept of the Rube Golbergian Hand of God slowly manipulating minor events to ultimately enslave you, as depicted through the classic childhood board game Mousetrap, the unfortunate victims trapped in poses from classic religious art. And in “Happy Meal”, a friend of the artist dressed as Ronald McDonald force feeds fast food down the throat of an obese version of himself. Prints and other goodies available for purchase at Society6.

Artist: DeviantArt



Harvard has released a (poorly digitized and barely navigable but nonetheless fascinating) collection of rare mushroom illustrations. Pair with the stunning Natural Histories, exploring the history of scientific illustration. 


“Nice fruiting body. Mycelium or yours?”

Wait, what do YOU think they look like? I’m talkin’ about fungi. Get your mind out of the gutter, folks :)

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