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I always catch myself quoting moonstruck. Slapped a bunch of people in the face over there on Game of Thrones and asked them to snap out of it. When Kit ordered his like fifth apple martini, [laughing] I was like *smack* snap out of it! No more appletinis for you!
Pedro Pascal - When asked: What movie do you always quote? [x]
Oh my god I must know.

Once upon a time there was a GRRM cinema GOT marathon, and Kitten balls was a special guest via skype. So they were all chatting and frolicking through the woods, when along came a rogue chipmunk, who hopped up onto a tree branch in front of K-Balls, and asked him who he’d go gay for.

So K-Balls turned 50 shades of pink and all high pitched laughter, and said he’d totally bang Richard because he fancies him, and Robb Stark could totally get it and he’d fur sure grab his ankles for the hot Stark boy. And then he said if Jaime and Cersei can get it on all Lannincestery, then surely a bastard half brother could get some brother brother sword fighting incest sausage happening and it ain’t no thang.

The chipmunk was pleased, threw an acorn at him and disappeared into the woods never to be seen again.

True story.

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