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Made by the same people who did the quiet place.

The last time they made one it was great.

This is incredible.

Crying. Shaking. But ready for sleep. 

This was well needed. 


I needed this

This is wonderful

At first I was like “oh this is silly” but then I was typing furiously and openly sobbing on my keyboard. 

What a beautiful idea. ♥

crying legit tears rn.

…I didn’t even realize half of the things I typed…that I was feeling like that…

Now I’m crying. Thank you whoever made this.

This helped me vent today

That was incredible.

i don’t know why… but i feel like crying :/ this is such a nice thing. thank you.

I seriously just bawled my eyes out.

This is awesome. whoever made this deserves serious hugs.

That music is beautiful

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