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I’m really getting sick and tired of

women being called “ho’s” because they are sexually uninhibited and have had multiple sex partners. So fucking what? She’s getting laid and you’re not… problem? She has more sexual experience than you do… problem? She knows and is comfortable with what gets her off…. problem? 

If a woman admits she has an underlying issue with addiction, and that includes sex, that still doesn’t make her a ho. If that’s the case then more than half the population of men should be slut shamed and raked across the hot coals…. but nobody ever talks about that. 

And the worst thing, is that it’s other women calling women ho’s. Because of what we were raised to think/believe. A lady doesn’t open her legs blah blah blah but a man can run out and fuck everything that moves and some that don’t but if a woman does that she’s an outright whore. 

Get the entire fuck outta here. 

I know because I used to think the same way, was raised the same way, and I was a fast ass and even before I’d ever had sex was called some very not nice things. But enough of that, shut the fuck up. 

Is she a ho because she has had multiple partners? Or is she a ho because A. She’s not fucking you. or B. You’re not getting any dick? or C. Because that’s what you’ve been taught by family/society. 

To hell with all that. If I wanna fuck (I really don’t atm) I’m going to and that’s my business. 

Sometimes you just wanna sit on someone’s face, and suck a dick. Life goes on. 

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