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But can we talk about Sam being a mayor and a soon to be baby daddy. And Sookie and Alcide finally happening, though. And the fucking Hep-V Zombie Vampires…… BTW the gov. DID NOT create Hep-V, if you remember in season 1 or 2, there was a vamp that had hep-v or something like that, and Sookie read his mind. Oh yeah… and Arlene is a riotch biotch now and apparently owns Merlotte’s now???


ok everyone needs to CAAAAAAAALM down Eric did not die. hes not dead they would have shown him TRUE DEATH STATUS like they did with russel nora and steve and that one crazy vampire that was into tara and lorena and queen sophie anne TRUE DEATH = MUSH and we saw no mush HE IS NOT DEAD hes not he’s not he’s not. no fucking way.

But that is definitely a penis. 

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