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In preparation for the last episode of “As the Dick Turns”

Also known as “The Chronicles of Sookie’s Fairy Vagina” I have everything I need already prepared. Booze, wine, peach vodka (yes I know those both qualify as booze but I just wanna let yall know I’m not fuckin around), low carb chili (kind of defeats the purpose when you’re drinking but who cares).

Hopefully all the True Blood characters will end up on Game of Thrones and then D&D will have something else to keep them busy…..

To all my fellow True Blood fans: It’s been a shitshow… it’s been fun, but good god it’s been a fucking shitshow.

And one more thing… re: True Blood tonights ep.


Not that there’s anything wrong with having a different dick in you every episode, but that girl makes my head spin. I had a feeling S&B would make a comeback before they killed everyone off and ended the show. *shrug*

And the whole fairy HepV shit…. WTF?????

Sarah Newlin is the fucking messiah now or some shit….. *yawn*

And Violet’s crazy ass…. well… looks like she set up homegirl for fucking her man.

I liked Niall better in the books. Niall in the show…. O_O

And here comes Jason making goo goo eyes at Hoyt’s girl and vice versa.

They should just call this show “As The Dick Turns.”

I wonder if Tara is going to pull a “surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” just as Eric turns into a pile of strawberry jello.

I hope Eric and Jason bang for real before he turns into strawberry jello.

I also hope Tara’s mama gets a new wig before the season is out because that helmet is killing me.

I also wonder how many times I’m going to see Sookie’s boobs and her doe eyed confused lost puppy face before the show is over.

This season of True Blood should be called “Stupid People In Large Groups: Don’t underestimate them” or “When stupid people panic and make really bad decisions” or “Sheep: All it takes is one moron with a big mouth to convince the entire flock because nobody can think for themselves.”

Sorry….. got carried away with the last one. *eye roll*

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